Our lab network

  • by Patrick Ogenstad
  • April 25, 2018

The network we are going to provision is very small, in fact, it fits on the desktop in my home office. The main reason why I choose this equipment is that I had them all at home and that they didn’t have any fans. If you are following along as we setup things you probably won’t have the same devices, they are basically end of life. It won’t, however, be hard to just make small modifications so that it works with your devices. Mostly it will be a matter of interface configuration.

The devices

I have three 8 port 2960 switches, one of which I use in my home network and two that I will be provisioning, there’s also a Cisco ISR 880 router. The topology will look like this.

[Current switch] <–> [New switch] <–> [Other new switch] <–> [Router]