I'm Patrick Ogenstad

I like to create things

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A little About Me

I work as a software architect. Aside from designing and creating software, I like to help people work in a better ways. I use this site to write articles and share software that I have created.

Things I like


From an early age I've been drawn speculative fiction. I love it when I can settle down with my Kindle and get lost in a story. Unfortunately there's also so many other things I want to do.

Love to write

Aside from working in IT I really enjoy to write fiction. While I struggle to find time to write on my novel, I've cofounded a writers group. We generally meet every second week and work on our collaborative projects.


I really like the way writing code lets me be creative in my work. It feels great to be able to solve problems which would have taken hours to do manually.

Connect with me

I started out working as a consultant with servers, Novell Netware and early Windows versions, as well as different Unix systems and Linux. Later on I transitioned into networking. Since the start I've had an interest in replacing manual tasks with automated ones, this started out with login scripts for client computers and simple inventory systems. Over time I realized that was the fun part and I started transitioning into development.