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Ansible SNMP

Gathering network device versions with Ansible using SNMP

Until there is a universal standard which states how to access network devices I believe SNMP is the best option when it comes to determining what a device actually is. While SNMP's glory days might be long gone, if there in fact were any. There are still some instances where SNMP is more handy than the … [Continue Reading]


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The onePK office prank

You know those times when you paste innocuous config to a router and it just freezes up on you? Even if you know you've done nothing wrong it can be a few scary seconds until the router starts to respond again. … [Continue Reading]

First Steps

Getting started with Cisco ASA

Even with people who work in networking, as soon as you say the word "firewall" a lot of people tend to stare at that far away place that only exists in their minds. I think some of this comes from the fact that … [Continue Reading]

Software Bug

SYDI-Server 2.4

It's now over 10 years since I released the first version of SYDI-Server, back in August 2004. During the first years I wrote quite a bit of code and kept adding features to the different scripts. However, the last … [Continue Reading]