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Ansible and Nagios

Compile and Install Nagios with Ansible

If you've decided to try Nagios and install it through your distributions packaging system, you might notice that the version you get is quite old. Some features or addons you want might not work with earlier releases. So you decide to download the Nagios tarballs and install the old fashioned way. Though not … [Continue Reading]


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Where is my router API?

"No problems I said, I'll just use SNMP to collect that." Or so I thought. There are so many different MIBs so at times I just want to believe I can collect everything from SNMP. However once you have a specific … [Continue Reading]

Old wooden bridge in a beautiful garden

Setting up a wireless bridge

I never thought much about wireless bridges. At least until that day when not having one almost ruined my family evening. What a wireless bridge does is to connect an isolated part of your network to the rest of … [Continue Reading]