Getting started with RANCID

RANCID is a config differ. In itself that's just as boring as it sounds. However picture this; you've just arrived at the office after a maintenance window. End users have started to complain about systems which have stopped working. The technicians who worked during the night are sleeping and they seemed to … [Continue Reading]

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Where is my router API?

"No problems I said, I'll just use SNMP to collect that." Or so I thought. There are so many different MIBs so at times I just want to believe I can collect everything from SNMP. However once you have a specific … [Continue Reading]

Old wooden bridge in a beautiful garden

Setting up a wireless bridge

I never thought much about wireless bridges. At least until that day when not having one almost ruined my family evening. What a wireless bridge does is to connect an isolated part of your network to the rest of … [Continue Reading]