Connecting network devices with Ansible through SNMP

Unlike the Ansible for Cisco IOS modules, the modules on this page is aimed to work against any network device regardless of vendor.

The snmp_device_version module gathers device vendor, os and version using SNMP. The module relies on the HostInfo feature of nelsnmp and is limited to the devices that HostInfo supports. If you don’t know Ansible I suggest you learn some basics first.


The goal of this project is mainly to gather information from devices and then use the information gathered in other modules or templates.

Current modules

  • snmp_device_version - Gathers information about vendor, os and version of an SNMP enabled device
  • snmp_query - Queries a user defined SNMP oid and returns the data

Get the modules

The modules are available over at Github.

Other Modules

You might also be interested in the Ansible modules for Cisco ASA, which use the REST API which came with the 9.3 release.