SYDI-Server is part of the SYDI documentation tools. It’s a free tool which helps you to create server documentation for Windows installations.


SYDI-Server 2.4{.icon-download}

What it does

SYDI-Server is a vbscript which collects information from Windows computers by using WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation), this can be done against any remote computer which you can reach using WMI. The information is then written to either a Word document or an XML file. Using the Word option gives you a document you can use as is.

If you opt for the XML option you can then use the SYDI-Overview script to parse multiple XML files and create an overview in Excel.

Another option with the XML files is the ss-xml2word script which converts the XML files to a Word document, while doing this you can use different language files or add specific content with other XML files so that a SYDI report contains both dynamically collected data and words you’ve actually written yourself to describe the system.


The latest released version of SYDI-Server can be found through the above download link, active development is done over at Github.